Consumer demands are driving the technology needs of the hospitality industry.

Today’s consumer has come to expect a certain level of connectivity and convenience when traveling. The latest in-room and facility equipment, in conjunction with guests’ phones and wearables, promises to free up staff and reinforce brand loyalty. But, improper planning for a variety of technology upgrades can create more work and even negatively impact your brand.

Hotels support nearly every part of an active person’s life: Dining, sleeping, entertaining, working out, communicating, traveling, meeting, relaxing… each one of these pursuits has a diverse number of devices, apps, sensors, networks and information resources tied to them. Consider how many ways they interconnect; how much data is moving around—and how many service and security pitfalls present themselves when things fail to work as designed?

As your technology partner, Velociti’s experienced staff can help you implement and manage the wide variety of technologies utilized in today’s world of hospitality, without impacting the quality of your guests’ stay. We work with you to manage all aspects of any deployment, including scheduling around room vacancies to minimize disruptions.

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