What we do

A brand-agnostic

approach to


We've always taken a brand-agnostic approach to our partnerships with technology providers. This allows us to work with a broad range of companies and technologies to provide a comprehensive IoT solution for your enterprise clients.

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Here's a list of technology that we support:
Mobility Solutions
Collision Avoidance
IoT Sensors
Safety Systems
Solar Panels
Rear & Side Facing Cameras
Automatic Tire Inflation
Tire Pressure Management
Video Management
Auxiliary Power
Idle Reduction


Project management brings project success

At Velociti, we know there’s no room for failure when it comes to your business operations. We also know project management is essential, which is why we never skip it. We believe that strong communication, expert planning and strategic problem solving make our project managers the best in the business. No matter how large or complex the problem, we have the team to help you solve it.

We Work Across a Variety Of Markets

Transportation & Logistics
Large Public Venues
Warehouse & Distribution

Who we serve

No technology provider is the same, and we pride ourselves on being able to install and support virtually every aftermarket fleet and facility product. We're committed to helping you support your customers with a wide-array of dedicated resources who have learned your world, inside and out.

Geographic Reach

Velociti’s leadership is global, providing technology solutions across a wide variety of markets all over the world. Our technicians are expertly trained to solve your most complex challenges from country to country, understanding local codes and regulations relates to each specific deployment.

Don’t just take our word for it

Take a moment to hear from some of our clients. After all, they’re the ones using the technology solutions every day.