Who we are

Experts in technology, partners in solutions

At Velociti, we not only provide expertise in technology, but expertise in your specific business vertical. Our leadership team is driven and curious, constantly exploring new ways of thinking and problem solving. We are rooted in the same common goal: Serve the needs of customers and provide quality in everything we do. For us, it’s a partnership, not just another project.

This culture of commitment is who we are.

Michael Kahn
Deryk Powell
Don Soetaert

Technology is our foundation.

We wouldn’t exist without the technology that drives us forward.

Tim Kats
Ryan Powell

We're commited to quality.

When you choose Velociti, you choose quality.

Courtney DeMilio
Jim West

We're passionate about what we do.

It’s pretty simple: We love what we do.

Jeremy Webb
Michael Steele
Jamie Volk

Our talent is a business and a culture.

We don’t just love what we do. We’re great at it.

Zac Graham

We're a curious, creative and experienced team.

We learn from each other, teach each other and celebrate our teamwork.

Ryan Wohlers
Chris Aiken
Bryan Aiken

We're a family who loves to have fun.

We experience all the highs and lows together. And we always have time for fun.

Geoff Andrews
Desiree Tisthammer

We respect our clients, colleagues and partners.

We promise respect in every interaction, partnership and project.

Nick Hess

We are committed to honesty and value trust.

Just like respect, honesty and trust are non-negotiables.

Jeff Winkler

We push the boundaries.

Innovation is part of who we are, and at the core of all our solutions.

David Stunkel

Our clients are the key to our success.

And we are here to serve them in everything we do.