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The industry-leading technology solutions provider, changing the way technology powers your business.

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what if?

Around here, we say it all started with an idea: What if we developed a new approach for designing, deploying and maintaining the technology that runs a business?

For more than 25 years, this question has kept us curious and creative in finding ways to customize every solution for the customers we serve.

As technology has evolved, so have we, growing from a technology deployment company into a company of comprehensive technology solutions experts serving global businesses.

Technology alone doesn’t solve business problems. The right technology must be applied, managed and serviced the right way. That's where Velociti's design, deploy and maintain approach comes into play.


Finding the right environment to develop and test cutting-edge technology solutions can be a challenge. But more than ever, in today's world of automation, a space for innovation is needed. That's why we're meeting the challenge with the Velociti Innovation Lab.

our leadership team

Over the years, we’ve recruited some of the best minds across the board - from engineering to project management, deployment specialists - and everything in-between. Technology is where we excel, and quality is our non-compromising commitment. We’re a curious, creative and experienced team fully immersed in technology that solves business problems.

Chris Aiken
Jim West
Tim Kats
Desiree Tisthammer
Jamie Volk