In a market where technology is transforming our education system, keeping teachers and students up to speed is more important than ever.

Today’s education system is being transformed by the use of technology. The Bring Your Own Device phenomenon, or ‘BYOD’ is flooding many campuses with tablets, smartphones and other devices that put a strain on the network infrastructure. In some cases, educational facilities are actively providing tablet devices to every teacher and student.

If not properly implemented, the influx of devices can dramatically slow down the network, causing lost productivity and a great deal of frustration for students and teachers trying to get through a lesson plan.

Velociti understands the demands a true BYOD environment brings to educational facilities, including the density and variety of devices, as well as the role the physical layout of the facility plays. A comprehensive assessment of the specific needs and challenges unique to each environment is key for a successful solution.

Velociti’s team of highly trained technicians and project managers conduct an in-depth site analysis to address the RF requirements and look for potential pitfalls, such as gaps in coverage between classrooms or potential density issues with higher volume common areas. Once analyzed, the plan is designed, implemented and tested for maximum performance.

A Sample of Education Segments Velociti Supports:

  • K-12
  • Secondary and Higher Education
  • Vocational Schools
  • Learning Centers