Warehouse / Distribution

In today’s competitive market, technology is key in managing your warehouse or distribution center.

Staying ahead in today’s global marketplace requires accurately managing inventory, sharing data in multi-site and multi-national environments, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The market offers an abundance of handheld devices and Vehicle Mounted Units (VMUs) which utilize RFID technology; software packages to manage every aspect of your inventory, from receiving to storage to shipping; smart technologies for security, lighting, weighing and evaluating loads; drones; digital signage; kiosks; the list keeps growing daily and the information it generates can be shared between devices and/or locations.

However, the most overlooked part of any technology solution for a warehouse/distribution center  is the deployment.  Not just how it will be deployed, but where.  The physical building is typically the focus, but what about the yards and the vehicles that interact with the facility?

And what about the infrastructure? If your network infrastructure isn’t sufficient to support the range of devices, has gaps in coverage, or contains RF interference, your facility could face huge security issues including lost inventory, lost data, or a significant decrease in productivity.

Velociti’s team of highly trained technicians and project managers understands the importance a properly designed infrastructure plays in the security and efficiency of your data and management solution.