Large Public Venues


Deploying technology solutions in a Large Public Venue often poses quite a challenge. 

The density of users and variety of devices, as well as the physical layout of most sports and entertainment venues, both indoor and outdoor, requires a comprehensive assessment of the specific needs and challenges of each venue. Every venue is unique, from the design and construction to location influences, and each of these unique challenges will impact a technology solution differently.

Today's spectators want to share their experiences the moment they happen. Connecting to social media, watching instant replays, even ordering food from their seats. Events and the way they are enjoyed are continuously evolving. Technology plays a critical role in that evolution, yet the sheer volume of people and devices make LPV one of the greatest challenges for deploying, supporting and maintaining.

Velociti’s highly trained team of technicians, system engineers, account managers and project managers understand these challenges. We conduct an extensive site analysis based on proven best practices and look for potential pitfalls, such as RF interference, during events to find the best solutions for your venue.