What is System Health Monitoring & Why is it Important?

Technology is everywhere. It has enhanced the way we do business, the way we communicate; it streamlines processes, tracks inventory, monitors systems, behaviors. The applications are endless and when working properly, you can almost forget it’s there. However, when it’s not working properly, the effects are felt immediately and can ripple through your business with detrimental consequences.

When approaching technology, the focus is almost always on acquiring the hardware and/or software itself. It’s tangible, it’s exciting, and it serves a clear, defined purpose. You can look at it, evaluate it, and plan how you will use it to enhance your business.

Far too often, technology budgets are built around the devices themselves with little thought to the design, installation and management. Yet those aspects of any technology implementation are as important as the devices themselves, if not more so, to ensure they work as intended.

While more and more companies are starting to embrace the benefits of a proper implementation and even maintenance programs, proactive monitoring still gets left out of the equation.

So, what is System Health Monitoring and why is it important? Maintenance Programs are great for having a plan in place to repair faulty technology, or in some cases, to perform routine maintenance in order to prevent equipment failures.

System health monitoring, however, monitors system performance from day one and looks for variations in performance.  Some variations may be anomalies and if not repeated will be reported as such.  However, consistent patterns or alterations in performance could indicate a system is heading for failure, or a component is no longer optimized.

These early warning signs allow companies with a maintenance plan, such as VelociCare, to address potential issues before they become disruptive, often saving time and money, avoiding fines for malfunctioning equipment, maintaining quality user experiences; essentially safeguarding all the benefits your company employs the technology for.

System Health Monitoring is a safeguard that not only protects your investment, but also takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting and diagnosing potential issues, lessoning the burden on IT staffs. Think of it as the thread that weaves through your fabric and helps hold it together.  Without it, you’re leaving your technology and your business exposed to potential issues that could easily have been avoided.

Written By: Deryk Powell, President