COVID-19 Update: A Message to the Velociti Community

Hello Customers, Partners and Friends:

On behalf of the Velociti team, I’d like to share a brief update on how we’re addressing business continuity during the current COVID-19 outbreak. Like you, our paramount concern is for the safety of the people on our team, as well as yours.

First of all, we’re open for business.

Within our offices, we’ve implemented:

  • Policies to work remotely
  • Temporarily eliminated non-essential travel
  • Temporarily eliminated non-essential visits to our offices

With respect to our team in the field supporting our customers, you trust us to work within your operations, and we take that seriously.

  • We’ve instructed our team members to take every precaution.
  • Should anyone from our team who is scheduled to perform services at your locations feel that they should not do so, we’ve instructed them to advise us immediately so that we may work with you on alternatives.
  • We also know you’re implementing your own policies in regard to partners, such as Velociti, working at your locations. We will abide by your policies, and ask that you share updates with us during this rapidly evolving situation, so that we may remain prepared to support you in a safe manner.

We’ll continue to share updates as necessary. Should you have any questions, please contact your Velociti representative directly, call us at 913-551-0111, or email us at Thank you for your continued support.



Deryk Powell

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