Velociti Deploys WLAN Solution for Pharmaceutical Company

Customer:   Data Systems International /Pharmaceutical Company
Download Case Study Industry:     Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Scope of Work: Motorola Symbol Access points: AP 100s, AP300s and Cisco 1260 Series Access Points.
Number of Units: 500+
Timeframe: On-Going

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A large pharmaceutical company, based in the United States, needed an enterprise mobility software solution that enabled automated detailed inventory tracking and management throughout its facilities worldwide. They decided to implement Data Systems International’s (DSI) mobile fixed asset management solution, dcLINK ASSETTrac, which delivers an accurate way to utilize wireless devices seamlessly integrated with enterprise business applications to identify, manage and validate fixed assets throughout their lifecycle, from receipt to disposal. Leveraging this kind of mobile technology required their facilities to be equipped with wireless infrastructure with all fiber data cabling to support it.

The challenge of achieving consistent installations of WLAN solutions across multiple facilities, however, is often underestimated. This is especially true when deploying solutions across multiple countries. The pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to deploy their solution in 18 plants throughout 7 different countries, which required Technicians have an understanding of the challenges encountered from country to country, including local codes and regulations.

Another challenge often encountered during WLAN deployments is the client’s belief that all facilities are exactly alike. WLAN deployments sometimes include a full network installation, beginning with new network closets and one or more internal distribution frames. However, it is more common that the WLAN is integrated into existing network closets, where the number and variety of network components can vary greatly, creating an immediate need for a Technician to identify and take inventory of all components connected to the existing network.

Once the network closets are addressed, including re-connecting, labeling and documenting all components, the physical installation of data cabling and access points can be completed.  Once a full assessment and installation is completed, existing and new network devices must be configured and tested to operate on the WLAN.  The final critical step in the WLAN deployment is a signal coverage check.  At this stage, a spectrum analysis is performed to identify and resolve interference.  Spectrum analysis results also vary greatly between locations.  While some locations may have no interference, others may suffer from several interfering networks, which may or may not be authorized.  The Technician must identify and resolve these issues in order to successfully complete the WLAN installation.


DSI brought in Velociti Inc., the industry leader for technology deployments, to plan and deploy the wireless infrastructure their client needed for its facilities.  Velociti Technicians are expertly trained on a wide range of technologies and able to address the challenges related to specific deployments from country to country.

For example, one location was on an island in the Mediterranean, which required the deployment of four technicians over a five-week period. Velociti’s technicians worked with local IT personnel to meet the low voltage installation standards and power requirements specific to that region.  It was also crucial that materials for a variety of contingencies be shipped ahead to ensure minimal delays since there were limited local resources for last minute supply purchases.

“Velociti has been our sole partner for WLAN deployments since our partnership started in 2005 because their level of service and attention to detail are second to none,” Said Debbie Walther, Account Executive for DSI, “we had complete confidence they would maximize performance at each and every one of our client’s facilities worldwide.”

To do so, Velociti performed site surveys for each location to determine the best design and how many components were needed to maximize coverage.

“The importance of site surveys is often underestimated,” said David Stunkel, Operations Manager with Velociti Inc.  “Too often a company will skip the survey to save a few dollars, and critical areas aren’t optimized for performance.  That leads to a whole host of problems including a clogged network or even downtime.  That costs businesses much more than the survey would have.”

Once the design plan was finalized and installation completed, Velociti technicians and project managers coordinated a timely integration to ensure a seamless transition with no downtime for the users while the new LANs were switched over.


DSI and their client were able to leverage Velociti’s experience deploying wireless infrastructure, providing a single point of contact for all of the manufacturing facility needs, worldwide. As a result of the comprehensive site surveys, detailed network design and roll-out plan, there has not been a single issue related to design or installation.

“We definitely attribute the success we are able to bring our clients to our highly skilled project managers and dedication to training our full-time technicians to mobilize anywhere, for any technology.  They not only understand how it works, but how it impacts each client and their business,” said Deryk Powell, President of Velociti. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring that success to DSI and their clients and look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.”