What We Do

We're a project management company. We design, deploy and support technology.

Velociti bridges the technology gap by bringing technology providers and consumers together with the industry's leading deployment services capability.

Technology providers need their solutions deployed correctly, professionally and rapidly to maximize customer satisfaction.  Technology consumers need their solutions deployed correctly, professionally and rapidly to fully leverage the solution and maximize ROI.

Velociti works directly with fleet technology and facility technology providers and consumers from all markets, such as transportation, retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, large public venues, manufacturing and warehousing / distribution, to develop custom deployment strategies that match maximum productivity with project completion as quickly as possible.

Implementing technology, if poorly executed, can increase costs significantly. Velociti understands that the key to a successful deployment begins with its knowledgeable full-time staff of certified technicians, project managers, account managers and call-center support staff who not only understand the technology, but the impact of it as well.

By combining Velociti’s knowledge and expertise with Velogic, its web-based project management tool which allows tracking of every step of the process, you are quickly able to see the Velociti Difference.

However, Velociti's services don't stop once your technology is installed. Often, monitoring and maintenance are needed to ensure your chosen solution continues to perform as expected. As with any technology, downtime can occur or new influences are added to an environment that can have a direct impact on performance.

Velociti will continue to partner with you for the lifecycle of your solution, ensuring impact to your business is minimized so you continue to see the returns and productivity your business is counting on.