Velociti Inc., a global provider of enterprise technology solutions, and Stealth Power, an electric mobile power solutions provider, announced today the launch of a strategic partnership meant to bolster Velociti’s cutting-edge technology portfolio while expanding the reach of Stealth Power’s innovative product line.

“Demand for connectivity and electrification has increased exponentially and both organizations currently deliver progressive solutions,” said Zac Graham, VP of Sales at Velociti. “Trucking fleets and construction equipment have seen a tremendous increase in the installation of alternative energy products in the past year. We expect installs to rise even further in 2023.”

Stealth Power’s Vehicle Power System (VPS) is designed to run onboard equipment, auxiliary devices, and provide an external power source for off-board equipment - all with the vehicle’s engine turned off. Additionally, the company designs standalone, scalable solutions for remote applications. The Mobile Power System (MPS) provides clean, reliable power for on-site electrical equipment, such as wireless towers, mobile kitchens, mobile medical clinics, military missions, and natural disaster relief.

"Stealth Power's mission is to provide reliable mobile electric power systems that reduce fuel and maintenance costs while lowering carbon emissions,” said Devin Scott, Stealth Power CEO. “This partnership with Velociti brings industry expertise and installation capabilities that enable us to meet the rapidly increasing market demand for our products.”

About Stealth Power   Stealth Power designs and builds sustainable and versatile electric power systems that propel our customers toward a zero-emission future. These smart technological solutions for advanced fleet and off-grid operations ensure reliable, continuous power for no-fail equipment and missions. Manufactured in the USA and EPA SmartWay certified, Stealth Power systems are trusted by organizations across both government and private sectors, including the FAA, FDNY and U.S. CBP. The systems are designed for fuel-powered and electric vehicles, which expand electrical capabilities with the propulsion system turned off. Stealth Power’s standalone mobile power systems provide sustainable, dependable energy whenever and wherever needed. From powering life-saving equipment on an ambulance to surveillance towers on the border, our mission remains the same – to foster the transition from fossil fuel-based systems to clean, reliable power. Visit our website to learn more at

About Velociti Inc.,  A global provider of enterprise technology solutions for more than 25 years, Missouri-based Velociti helps meet complex business needs by optimizing technology investments, lowering costs, and improving employee and customer acceptance. Its innovative design, rapid installation and deployment, and proactive support services for a broad range of transportation and networking technologies are provided by a highly experienced full-time team of engineers, project managers, certified technicians and call center staff. Velociti serves transportation, retail, food service, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, government, hospitality, and outdoor venues, including many Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit or call toll-free (855)-233-7210.

Originally appeared in AJOT. January 13, 2023 at 12:36 PM.