Detroit, June 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Irdeto, the global leader in digital platform security, today announces a strategic partnership with Velociti Inc., a leading technology solutions provider, which will now handle the deployment and ongoing maintenance of Keystone by Irdeto, a groundbreaking keyless solution for fleet management. This collaboration between Irdeto and Velociti is set to transform the fleet industry by offering seamless installation of the comprehensive digital key solution that spans heavy, medium, and light-duty vehicles.

Keystone by Irdeto tackles the fundamental issues in fleet management, such as key mismanagement, security vulnerabilities, and operational inefficiencies, by facilitating entirely keyless operations. With Keystone, companies can eliminate downtime, optimize routes, monitor vehicle performance, streamline yard operations, and cut costs. This partnership between Irdeto and Velociti is anticipated to deliver substantial benefits to fleet operators across the United States. As Velociti deploys this technology nationwide, fleet operators from various sectors—whether they manage small local fleets or large national operations—will gain access to these cutting-edge solutions, ultimately facilitating a smarter, more secure, and more efficient fleet management experience.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Seamless deployments: With a team of highly skilled technicians, Velociti ensures the seamless deployment and ongoing maintenance of the Keystone system by Irdeto. Offering comprehensive nationwide coverage, Velociti is adept at accommodating varying schedules, guaranteeing that business operations remain uninterrupted while maximizing the benefits of this technological investment for fleet operators.

  • Lifecycle hardware management: Velociti's VeloCare program offers robust lifecycle hardware management. This includes the initial installation, setup, and any necessary device replacements, ensuring that fleet systems are always operational and up-to-date.

  • Frontline support system: Additionally, the VeloCare program includes a proactive frontline support system that actively monitors technology performance to prevent downtime through timely interventions and replacements. This integrated approach not only simplifies the management of fleet technology but also significantly boosts operational reliability and efficiency.

Industry Revolution

Keystone is revolutionizing fleet management by streamlining operations, maximizing fleet availability, and bolstering security. Fleet managers no longer need to worry about lost or stolen keys, reducing downtime and ensuring their vehicles are on the road when needed. Advanced security features, such as real-time tracking and remote vehicle controls, provide peace of mind and protect valuable fleet assets. Keystone's user-friendly design and seamless integration with existing systems make it an easy-to-adopt solution that can deliver benefits immediately.

Lost and misplaced keys can be a financial burden for fleets. Key replacement costs range from US $500 to US $1,500 and can result in increased downtime for both the driver and the truck. Keystone by Irdeto utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy technology to allow proximity-based vehicle access via smart devices, eliminating the need for physical keys and dramatically enhancing fleet operational efficiency.

"Our partnership with Velociti enables us to leverage their vast experience and expertise in technology deployment to bring Keystone's benefits to a wider audience across the United States," said Niels Haverkorn, SVP of New Markets at Irdeto. "Together, we are setting a new standard in fleet management technology, offering secure, streamlined, and cost-effective solutions that meet the modern demands of fleet operations."

Velociti is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. Deryk Powell, CEO of Velociti, stated, "We are thrilled to partner with Irdeto and integrate their Keystone technology into our service offerings. This partnership allows us to not only expand our capabilities but also bring a pioneering digital key solution to the fleet industry. We believe that our collaboration with Irdeto will significantly enhance the operational efficacy and security for our clients. It’s an exciting step forward for us and the industry as a whole."

For more information about Irdeto and the Keystone solution, please visit Irdeto’s website. Details about Velociti and their services can be found at Velociti’s website.

June 4, 2024, 8:05 AM CDT | Source: Yahoo! Finance