Commenco chooses the technology deployment provider to install wireless networks on the Rock Island Bridge, America’s first entertainment district over a river.

RIVERSIDE, Mo., June 26, 2024 -- Velociti Inc., a global provider of technology deployment, maintenance and integration solutions, today announced that is has been chosen by Commenco, a nationwide leader in technology integration and a Platinum Partner for Motorola Solutions., to deploy a Wi-Fi network on the Rock Island Bridge, a Kansas City landmark that is set to become America's first entertainment district over a river.

"Deploying Wi-Fi technology for the Rock Island Bridge project showcases Velociti's Facility Solutions, and in this case on a project that is close to home," said Deryk Powell, CEO of Velociti. "Putting an entertainment district 40 feet over the water on a nearly 120-year-old railroad bridge is a great way to reuse infrastructure. We're honored to be a part of that initiative and pleased that Commenco chose Velociti for our expertise in facility technology deployment on this unique project."

Velociti technicians will deploy a Wi-Fi network on the Rock Island Bridge, a Kansas City landmark that is set to become America’s first entertainment district over a river.

Due to open in late summer 2024, the Rock Island Bridge will include an entertainment district with a restaurant and bar event spaces, a community center, a public crossing, and a trailhead. For the facility, Velociti is installing Commenco wireless networking technology that will power sound and emergency systems, cameras, Point of Sale solutions, and more.

The Rock Island Bridge, which straddles the Kansas River at the union of the two Kansas Cities, Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas, was built in 1905. The bridge-- with three trusses and two decks that measures 705 ft. long and is up to 49 ft. wide-- was originally built for the Rock Island Railroad, which played a central role in the Kansas City Stockyards District, the second-largest beef processing center in the world.

Rock Island Bridge was invited to join the prestigious High Line Network, a working think-tank for America's top infrastructure reuse projects. The Network’s mission is to support the creation of vibrant and equitable public spaces.

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Originally appeared on Cision. June 26, 2024.

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