Velociti Deploys 500 PeopleNet Tablets for Slay Industries

Customer: Slay Industries
Download Case Study Industry: Transportation, Logistics & Distribution
Scope of Work: PeopleNet Tablet
Number of Units: 500
Timeframe: Aug – Nov 2012

Slay Industries, Inc. provides distribution, packaging, transportation, and warehousing services in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They offer liquid and dry bulk carrier services; packaging services for chemical manufacturers; packaging of dry and liquid products, such as PVC and HDPE, plastics, and various chemical and food supplements; and logistics management services. The company was founded in 1927 and is based in St. Louis, Missouri. It has warehousing, packaging, and distribution centers in the Houston, Texas area. For more information, visit


Slay Industries was looking to enhance its fleet performance by implementing PeopleNet Tablets, a customizable in-cab PC that runs applications for route management, supply chain communication, compliance and vehicle management.  However, the combination of company owned trucks and owner operator vehicles presented a logistical challenge for scheduling installations at both company facilities and off-site locations. In addition, custom mounting solutions were needed to accommodate the variety of tractor types.


Slay Industries contacted Velociti Inc., a global provider of technology deployment services headquartered in Riverside, MO.  Velociti was able to conduct a time study and installation pilot at Slay’s terminal in St. Louis, MO to determine the best course of action for the deployment.  Working closely with Slay and PeopleNet, Velociti was able to develop an effective strategy that included a custom mounting solution for attaching the tablet and flexible schedules with split shifts and creative routing to maximize productivity and minimize downtime for the various vehicle owners and locations.  Velociti’s Quality Control department developed hardware placement guides to ensure consistency with every tablet installation to maximize function and productivity of each device.  Velociti also provided training on the systems for better and faster customer adoption of the new technology.


Having a fleet management solution in place can yield an impressive ROI.  Having a fleet management solution professionally installed rapidly and accurately, not only allowed Slay to see that return sooner, it yielded an even greater return my maximizing the efficiency of the technology and creating greater user adoption.

“I believe Velociti’s ability to come in, evaluate our needs and create a customized solution that could be flexible with our company’s needs as well as the needs of our owner-operators was essential to the success of this project,” said Bill Hackel, Director of I.T. for Slay Industries. “They really listened and were able to think outside the box to find the right deployment solution.”

“It’s extremely beneficial when our clients realize the importance of working together as a team,” said Ryan Powell, National Account Manager for Velociti Inc. “Both Slay and PeopleNet truly understood that and were able to see the value our partnership brought to the success of the project. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them well into the future.”