Supercharge your ROI – Technology Savings Calculator

ROI-Report-Sample-sm Note:Your report may take a moment to generate, please be patient while your data is calculated.

Amount of savings you expect to acheive each month per unit for your chosen technology.

If performing the project with internal resources, this analysis only includes direct install labor/benefits cost to you (the customer). In-House deployment analysis should also evaluate the considerable cost of project management, tools, training, warranty, overtime, opportunity cost, etc.. Actual savings with Velociti rapid deployment would be significantly improved due to the incremental ROI realized prior to project completion.

$400 Per Month Of Extra Use Of The System X The Number Of Additional Months.

The difference in cost between a customer install and a Velociti install.

Customers choose to work with Velociti because we prove time and time again that a professional deployment saves you money and increases the ROI of your investment.  Velociti’s ROI calculator can help you make the most beneficial financial decision for your business technology solutions.

Try our ROI Calculator to see for yourself.

  1. Enter your fleet size
  2. Enter the monthly savings expected per unit after the new technology has been deployed
  3. Enter the per unit cost to install if a) you do it yourself and b) if Velociti manages this technology project for you. Don’t forget to include the cost of labor and other hard costs.
  4. Enter the number of months it will take for you to complete this technology installation if a) you do it yourself and b) if Velociti handles technology implementation

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