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Michael Kahn, CEO

Michael Kahn, CEO and General Counsel

Michael has served as the general counsel for Velociti and CSTK for over 20 years.  In 2002, Michael became President and CEO for Velociti and CSTK.  in 2013, Michael named Deryk Powell as president. Michael continues to play a key role in the strategic planning and strengthening Velociti’s position in the marketplace.


Deryk Powell, COO

Deryk Powell, President and COO

Deryk started as a sales rep with CSTK, Velociti’s sister company, in 1993.  In 1995, Deryk was instrumental in the creation and launch of Velociti.  He was appointed as General Manager and soon promoted to Vice President. In 2005, Deryk was named Chief Operating Officer and in 2013, Deryk was named president in addition to his duties as COO.  He is responsible for the overall management of Velociti with a focus on strategic growth initiatives and client relationships.


Don Soetaert

Don Soetaert, Chief Financial Officer

Don joined Velociti as Chief Financial Officer of Velociti in 2008.  A seasoned accounting and financial professional with experience in all critical accounting functions, Don partners with senior management on strategic matters, both financial and operational, while successfully managing individuals, departments and project teams.

Tim Kats, Vice President of Operations

Tim Kats, Vice President and General Manager

Tim Joined Velociti in 1999 and is the backbone of Velociti’s operations.  Tim manages Velociti’s Account Managers, Project Managers and Technicians in addition to his responsibility for the Quality Control and Staging/Configuration departments.  His dedication and attention to detail assure every project maintains Velociti’s high level of standards.

Jim West, Vice President of Sales

Jim West, Vice President of Sales Operations

Jim joined Velociti in 2003 as an Account Manager. In 2006, Jim was promoted to Business Development Manager, where he successfully expanded the Velociti portfolio of services to capture a greater market share of technology deployments for both transportation and wireless market segments.  In 2008, Jim was named Vice President of Sales.  In this role, he was responsible for managing a group of Business Development personnel along with overseeing all technology services sales and marketing at the company. In 2013, Jim was named as Vice President of Sales Operations.