Velociti meets the technology deployment challenge for Wright Service Corp.

Challenge: To effectively and efficiently deploy new telematics technologies

Wright Service Corp. fleet is decentralized across North America. Each company, as well as the divisions within each company, function as separate operations. Spanning the entire fleet operated by four of its companies, telematics systems would need to be installed on 3,000 vehicles and equipment at approximately 500 locations, taking into consideration continually changing operational needs.

While Wright Service Corp. uses highly skilled outsourced maintenance providers for almost its entire fleet, they chose to use one company for all technology deployment needs to ensure consistency. As a result, it determined that the project management expertise of a proven provider of installation and implementation services would streamline the deployment and lead to a faster return on investment.

“Our complex requirements really highlighted Velociti’s project management expertise. They overcame some overwhelming challenges related to vehicle access and locations, and completed the project on schedule. Velociti did a fantastic job of being of productive and efficient, as well as adapting to our operational needs.” –Lucas Loftin, Business Systems Administrator, Wright Service Corp.

Solution: Streamlined technology with system integrations and analytics—

With a legacy system that was unable to meet changing goals and a number of business initiatives that required the adoption of new telematics technologies, in 2017 and 2018 Wright Service Corp. established an RFI/RFP process to identify suppliers with telematics technologies that could meet its requirements.

Among the goals the company set for updating its more than ten-year-old technologies were to enable field entry systems and data analysis capabilities. In addition, its new information infrastructure, starting with telematics solutions, needed to take advantage of integrations with its back end enterprise management system, and in particular enable tracking of maintenance at equipment and job levels.

The Wright Service Corp. telematics deployment plan included installing 3,000 Geotab GO9 tracking devices on vehicles and equipment including light- and heavy-duty trucks, and off-road machinery. Gridline, a Geotab reseller, which also provides the company with analytics services, supplied the devices.

Also installed were 150 DriveCam by Lytx SF64 dash cameras and event recorders undergoing pilot testing by the company to improve driver quality, reduce vehicle claims and reduce risk. Wright Service Corp. is also working to enable an integration between the Lytx and Geotab devices.

Gridline offered Wright Service Corp. several solutions to consider for outsourcing its technology deployment, including Velociti, which was also recommended by Lytx.

Wright Service Corp. began working with Velociti in February of 2019 for its Geotab installations. To avoid revisits, additional cost and further disruption to its operation, the company decided to have Velociti install the DriveCam systems simultaneously.

Result: Meeting an aggressive timeline for deploying telematics technologies—

Velociti began installations in mid-March 2019 and completed the work by the end of September. Utilizing dedicated, trained technicians, Velociti established standardized installation processes and a flexible and efficient scheduling system to deploy systems on constantly utilized vehicles.

The process involved scheduling installations outside of normal business hours for the crews and adjusting when vehicles and crews were handling emergency situations for utility customers. Some installations were even completed at employee homes.

“The timing of this project was critical for realizing a faster ROI from our technology investment and its scope was significant. Velociti works like clockwork and its outstanding team handles issues effectively. With the Velogic portal, we had easy access to updates, and most importantly they kept the chaos away from my desk.” -Lucas Loftin, Business Systems Administrator, Wright Service Corp.

Wright Service Corp., an employee-owned company headquartered in Central Iowa, is the parent company to Wright Tree Service, Wright Outdoor Solutions, CNUC, Terra Spectrum Technologies, Sustainable Environmental Consultants, Wright Tree Service of the West, Spectrum Resource Group and ArborCare. The family of companies provides integrated vegetation management, forest management and reforestation, technology solutions, consulting and operations, commercial environmental products, and residential and commercial landscaping, tree care, interior plantscaping, and other outdoor and indoor services.