The ELD mandate is here. Do you have a plan to ensure your ELD systems can be repaired anywhere in the country within 8 days?

Until now, when our EROD (electronic record of duty) device failed, you could choose to have the driver use paper logs until you could route it into a shop for repair.  This is no longer a reasonable approach. The ELD mandate states that recording of a driver’s hours of service on a paper log cannot continue for more than 8 days after a malfunction, and a driver that continues to use a paper log beyond 8 days risks being placed out of service.

Fortunately, a solution is available to you. Velociti developed its “VeloCare” support program for exactly this reason. VeloCare is the industry’s only ELD repair program that guarantees a failed ELD is fixed within no more than 7 calendar days, so you can maintain compliance and run your business.