Site Surveys/Assessments

Get the complete picture.

Site Surveys are a crucial, yet often ignored element of a wireless deployment. Far too often, businesses subscribe to the more is better philosophy and throw extra Access Points (APs) in the mix to “improve coverage” without conducting an actual Site Survey, either physical or virtual. This often leads to overspending on APs and poor service.

Having additional devices doesn’t automatically translate to better coverage. Actually, less is often more when placed properly. Certain areas may have interference from water coolers, construction materials or unseen exterior influences. Understanding your environment, trouble spots and flow means you will not only spend less on hardware (which adds up pretty quickly), but you will also ensure devices can relay data, cut over when needed and provide true, uninterrupted coverage.

Velociti offers several models for Site Surveys and Assessments. Don’t spend extra money on unneeded hardware or service calls to trouble shoot an ineffective Wi-Fi system. Plan your solutions correctly from the start. The money you save on hardware will pay for the survey and continue to save in performance and reliability.