Staging & Configuration

Streamline your deployment with professional staging & configuration services.

Regardless of the device type or end-use purpose Velociti’s Staging & Configuration Service saves time, expense and delivers ready-to-use devices, out-of-the-box, for one location or hundreds. Velociti specializes in custom system setups, including multi-vendor integration, custom configuration and software loading for a variety of equipment, including mobile terminals, POS systems, PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and servers.

Velociti’s state-of-the-art warehouse receives and catalogs each device in Velogic, our project management portal, where clients can track each device as it is received, programmed and shipped to its final destination. Velociti can also store an excess surplus of devices for faster turnaround times when a replacement is required.

Services Offered:

  • Product Receiving & Shipping
  • Software Refreshes
  • Device Activation & Configuration
  • Inventory Tracking