Project Management

Proper planning and oversight is essential to the success of your project.  

The need for professional Project Management to ensure the success of a Technology Deployment project may seem obvious to many. Yet, it is still one of the most common failure points. Project Management is often approached as nothing more than naming one or more point person(s) to keep an eye on the project. Successful Project Management is more than naming someone, or a group of people, to keep tabs on a project. Project Management is a commitment to define, implement and execute processes that will ensure success.

Managing this commitment is not always easy, as every project has its own unique set of challenges. Therefore, Project Management for Technology Deployment must be led by experienced, proven professionals, not staffing companies. The right Project Manager(s) will provide valuable input, starting with the initial inquiry and continuing through the life cycle support of the solution.

That is why a Velociti deployment doesn’t begin when a technician arrives to install your hardware, it begins weeks, sometimes months before with a careful analysis of your chosen technology, your environment and your timeline. Detailed schedules are created to maximize productivity while minimizing the impact to your business.

Real-time data collection is input into Velogic, our Project Management Portal. This allows clients 24/7 access to valuable project data using customizable dashboards for complete project transparency.

Velociti maintains focus on your project so you can maintain focus on your business.