Inventory Management

Managing inventory should not be another thing for you to manage.

A critical piece to every deployment is the inventory. You selected your technology and you’re ready to have it installed…great! But does it come with all the accessories you will need to connect it? How will you get it to each location? Can the manufacturer supply enough to keep up with your deployment schedule? Where is that inventory coming from and what potential delays could occur?

The logistics of managing inventory for a multi-site deployment is far more complex than most people realize. There are a number of factors that could affect the overall success of your project by impacting your timeline.

Velociti has 80,000 square feet of warehouse space with a 4,500-square-foot staging center located in Riverside, Missouri. Being situated in a major US hub is ideal for receiving and shipping inventory for our clients. Our warehouse managers and project managers work directly with suppliers. Once inventory is received, it is packaged (or kitted) with any necessary components to facilitate installation and shipped to your install locations with instructions for the technician.

All inventory, including serial numbers, is logged in Velogic, our web-based project management tool. You will be able to see where all devices are at any given time. Once installed, that item is also linked by serial number to a site or vehicle.

However, Velociti’s inventory management services don’t stop there. Velociti will also house and maintain a surplus of inventory for quick repairs should one of your devices have technical issues or outright fail. Having a truck out of service or a facility with gaps in service can greatly impact your business. Yet, often times clients don’t have the space or resources to manage spare inventory. Velociti will catalog your surplus, notify you when reserves become low and can even be retained to come and do the swap or repair with our VelociCare service.