Velociti is a global leader when it comes to deploying technology solutions. So, what does that mean to your business?

Too often enterprise level technology consumers assume installing a new hardware solution is a simple process, yet even the simplest “plug and play” devices can pose technical and logistical issues, such as compatibility with existing devices, access to assets or locations for installing the hardware, and finding staff who are not only trained but have the time and resources to do it.

Velociti has extensive experience installing a wide-range of devices in different markets and understands the nuances of each unique environment. Velociti’s highly skilled staff of technicians and project managers evaluate each project to look for common pitfalls and plan accordingly. They do more than just physically install devices. They spec, design, test and train users to maximize performance and acceptance.

Technology installations also vary greatly from market to market. For instance, an on-board computer may require different mounting hardware depending on the cab make and model. The reliability of WLAN solutions varies depending on the environment. More planning is involved when determining router placement in a retail environment, water treatment plant or large public venue because the facility structure, or contents within that facility, will affect the signal strength.

Proper planning and installation can make or break your technology investment. Without a proper, well-planned approach, you likely will not see the intended benefits, or ROI, from your chosen solution, user acceptance will decrease due to poor performance, consumers can lose confidence when not provided with a reliable solution…

Velociti work closely with each and every client to ensure the maximum benefit is achieved for you and your company.

Try our ROI calculator to see for yourself how much a professional deployment can save you.