Technology Consulting

Technology providers and enterprise technology users frequently consult with Velociti experts in order to maximize results.

Since the beginning, Velociti has been deeply rooted in understanding the technologies we install and the variables that can affect install times, performance, and user acceptance to name a few.

Far too often, new products are released and tested without looking at real world variables that could influence mass deployments. To aid in this process, Velociti organized a team of technicians and system engineers dedicated to researching the installation processes of various new technologies. Time studies are conducted and real-time data collection from pilots are evaluated to help produce comprehensive installation guidelines for consistent results to be achieved and maintained.

Velociti also participates in technology innovation think tanks. Our clients have found Velociti’s experience is not only valuable once a product has come to market, but getting us involved early in the development process often provides insight to deployment angles which can easily be overlooked.