Transportation / Fleet

Transportation is a competitive, high-tech business.

It’s a remarkable time for those of us involved in the transportation technology world. Literally every day, something new, often unforeseen, comes into view. The convergence of transportation and technology can be overwhelming, and the pressure to make good decisions about technology has never been greater.

In recent years, there has been a boom of new technology solutions designed to help fleets operate more efficiently, streamline fuel costs, enhance routing capabilities, monitor driver behavior and improve the quality of life for drivers in order to help with driver retention. The growth in this market has been staggering. Fleets have more options than ever before and we don't see that slowing down. Hours of service (HOS) rules, driver fitness, driver retention, new safety guidelines and consumer demands - if your fleet isn't properly equipped it will quickly fall out of the race.

Velociti is the proven market leader in transportation technology solutions. Our unique position between technology providers and technology users has allowed us to accumulate a wealth of knowledge, insight and expertise that extend the benefits we can provide to both. As your technology partner, we make sure you get the best ROI from your solution, maximizing your fleets productivity and giving you a competitive edge. We have installed and supported virtually every aftermarket fleet product at one time or another. By working directly with manufacturers, conducting time studies and establishing comprehensive installation guides, Velociti has pioneered the best practices for deployment.

Regardless of the technology solution you chose, Velociti has the knowledge and experience to get your fleet up and running quickly so you can maximize the ROI and keep your fleet rolling along.

A Sample of the Fleet Technologies Velociti Supports:

  • In-Cab Communications (ELD, EOBR, etc.)
  • GPS Tracking
  • In-Cab Video Monitoring
  • Exterior Video Monitoring
  • Driver Behavior Modification
  • Idle Management
  • Trailer / Container Tracking
  • Automatic Tire Inflation / Monitoring
  • Collision Avoidance / Lane Departure
  • Trailer Skirts / Aerodynamic Systems
  • Fuel Management Systems
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)
  • Roll Stability Systems
  • In-Cab Satellite TV
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Systems
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) Systems
  • Connected Vehicle Solutions
  • Payload Management Systems

A Sample of Fleet Categories Velociti Supports:

  • For Hire & Private Fleets
  • Truckload Carriers
  • Less-Than-Truckload Carriers
  • Refrigerated Carriers
  • Service Fleets
  • Telecom Fleets
  • Energy / Oil & Gas Fleets
  • Municipality / Government (Police, Ambulances, Buses, Military, etc.)
  • Pupil / School Bus Fleets
  • Transit Fleets
  • Off-Highway (Construction, Equipment Rental)
  • Railroads