Deploying technology in a retail environment often poses unique challenges.

As a retailer, you know that technology becomes a more critical factor in the success of your business every day.

Customers pay with thumbprints, sales associates wield tablets, omnichannel commerce demands real-time alignment with the supply chain. Beacons offer proximity-aware promotions and traffic-flow intelligence. The sales floor, the warehouse, the truck fleet and the consumer are all adopting new technology. And all of it wants to interact with the rest.

Where do you begin in the process? More often than not, the installation of these technologies needs to occur after hours in order to minimize disruption to business. The type of items being sold or the construction of the facility can also affect the performance of a chosen technology solution. How do you minimize the impact while maximizing performance?

Velociti understands the many pitfalls that can hinder performance and we evaluate each individual project to maximize the benefit of that solution. Velociti has extensive experience deploying a wide range of devices common to retail environments, including WLAN or Wi-Fi infrastructures, POS devices, digital signage and menu boards, surveillance systems, kiosks and tablets, handheld devices, RFID and more…

Consumers today have a world of shopping options at their fingertips. It’s getting harder and harder for brick and mortar facilities to maintain a competitive edge. Especially when data breaches affect consumer confidence. Let Velociti give your business the edge by ensuring you can provide a quality experience for your customers.