Healthcare Facilities

Reliable technology solutions are critical for maximizing the efficiency of your medical facility and the quality of care for your patients.

Today’s healthcare market is tasked with increasing patient safety, improving the quality of diagnosis and care, increasing staff efficiency, obtaining a greater reach for sharing information and providing a more informative and soothing environment for patients, all while lowering costs.

Reliable WLAN services, capable of fully supporting the mobility devices, medical kiosks and digital signage displays medical facilities need to compete in this market are an essential part of the equation.

Understanding the complexities of the healthcare environment and the importance every device plays is key in guaranteeing a successful deployment.

The density and variety of devices, as well as the physical layout of the facility, requires a comprehensive assessment of the specific needs and challenges unique to each environment.

Velociti’s team of highly trained technicians and project managers conduct an in-depth site analysis based on proven best practices and comprehensive testing to address the RF requirements and look for potential pitfalls, such as device interference with sensitive medical equipment.

Our experts will walk you through the process, the complexities and the best solutions for your facility.

A Sample of Healthcare Segments Velociti Supports:

  • Private Hospitals
  • VA Hospitals
  • Doctor’s Clinics
  • Long-Term Care Facilities