Velociti and Axcess International Provide Security Solution for Port of Barbados

Customer: Axcess International
Download File Industry: Security
Scope of Work: RFID/WLAN/WMD Sensors
Timeframe: 60 days

AXCESS International (OTCBB:AXSI), headquartered in greater Dallas, TX provides full system RFID solutions for improving productivity and security in industry and government. These systems are based on battery-powered “active” RFID technology, where wireless tags use on-board battery power to transmit signals from a few feet to hundreds of feet in order to automatically identify, track, monitor, and protect people, assets, and vehicles. AXCESS’ unique patented dual-active RFID technology enables tags to wake-up on-demand as needed to provide precise location determination plus the ability to have tags always “on” in a beaconing signal mode. AXCESS’ dual-active RFID is the most economical and flexible solution on the market today.


The extensive project management and technology installation expertise of Velociti Inc., mobile installation and deployment specialists, has given Axcess International, Inc., a RFID security and productivity solutions provider, the ability to successfully meet the security solution needs of Barbados Port Inc. as it prepared to host the Cricket World Cup. Utilizing Velociti’s extensive experience and global geographic reach, Axcess was able to fulfill the overall installation and project management needs that such a large-scale deployment required.


To meet the security system needs of Barbados Port for the Cricket World Cup, Axcess defined three key areas of expertise it required from Velociti:

1] Project management needs

Axcess required expert project management capabilities to address numerous issues before, during and after the planned installation of RFID and WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) sensor systems and Command Center computer hardware and software. The requirements included providing a site survey and design recommendations for sensors and network connectivity, coordination and oversight of local infrastructure installation to meet power and data cable needs, provision, organization and scheduling of technicians to complete installation tasks, initial and ongoing user training and support, system testing and maintenance, and daily status reports.

2] System design capabilities

Axcess required the services of outdoor wireless field engineers with RFID experience to develop a real-time site survey and report updated information quickly and accurately. Among the installation details to be defined were requirements for system mounting, AC power, data cabling and ground loop antennas for RFID Gate Readers and WMD Sensor systems. Installation requirements were also needed for RFID building doorway portals and for the hardware and software components of the Central Command and Control Center. This information was necessary to enable Axcess to provide required hardware and for the effective coordination with Barbados Port resources to meet infrastructure needs.

3] Installation expertise

For the Barbados port project, Axcess required the installation of an estimated 21 Active RFID Gate Reader Systems, a number of RFID building access portals at various doorways, and an estimated 16 WMD Sensor Systems. In addition, the company required AC power, data cables and hardware and software components of the Central Command and Control Center to be installed.


With its project management capabilities, expertise in system design and technology installation, global deployment abilities, experience working with local resources and contractors, and maintenance, training and support experience, Velociti met all of the requirements presented by Axcess as it addressed the security solution needs of Barbados Port. On site for the duration of the two-month long project was a Velociti Project Manager who oversaw the timely completion of all tasks.

In the pre-installation phase of the Axcess project, Velociti provided site survey and installation recommendations for RFID and WMD equipment and network connectivity, and coordinated and managed local infrastructure installation requirements for AC power and data cabling work performed by Barbados Port and other local contractors. During the installation phase of the project, the Velociti Project Manager organized and scheduled technicians, coordinated and executed initial user training for Barbados Port personnel, assisted with testing and go-live events for the entire security solution and provided daily status reports. Post- installation, Velociti provided on-going system maintenance and support, daily status reports and user training.

System design needs met by Velociti for Axcess included the efforts of two Wireless Field Engineers with extensive experience in outdoor wireless environments and RFID technology. The team completed a site survey and reported real-time critical information to Axcess so it could ship required hardware. The system design work included defining mounting, AC power, data cable and ground loop antenna installation requirements for RFID Gate Reader Systems and WMD Sensor Systems, as well as RFID building access portal installations and hardware and software components of the Central Command and Control Center.

During the installation phase of the Barbados Port project for Axcess, Velociti technicians installed Active RFID Gate Reader Systems and WMD Sensor Systems, a number of RFID “building access” portals and the hardware and software components of the Central Command and Control Center.


Having turned to the experts at Velociti for their project management, installation and technology deployment expertise, Axcess International was able to effectively and efficiently meet the security solution needs of Barbados Port. Velociti’s ability to take its vast resources on the road further enhanced the productivity of the efforts to complete the project in time for the upcoming Cricket World Cup.

According to Ben Donohue, Axcess International, “Velociti’s extensive project management capabilities, including daily, on site coordination of all activity, design efforts and installation expertise enabled us to meet the needs of Barbados Port cost effectively and within established timeframes. Without the expert support provided by Velociti for this very large deployment of our security solutions, we would not have been able to serve our customer efficiently.”


“Velociti’s project management, system design and installation activities on behalf of Axcess International and Barbados Port clearly illustrates our ability to go anywhere and meet even the most demanding technology installation and deployment project requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner,” stated Deryk Powell, Chief Operating Officer for Velociti Inc.

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