NFI Industries Turns to Velociti for Installation of Multiple On-board Technology Solutions

Customer: NFI
Download Case Study Industry: Transportation, Logistics & Distribution
Scope of Work: Qualcomm Communication Systems, Qualcomm Trailer Tracking, The Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I.
Timeframe: 2009 to present

NFI has grown into one of the top logistics companies in North America. In operation for more than 80 years, NFI offers a wealth of services that include transportation, logistics, warehousing, intermodal, and commercial real estate and development. NFI’s customers range from Fortune 500 to regional companies, and markets vary from food and beverage to aerospace technology. NFI is one of the fastest-growing and leading integrated supply chain solutions providers. For more information, visit


NFI has long recognized that on-board technology is a key competitive advantage in the logistics industry. As it adopted certain systems over the years, NFI found that getting those solutions deployed was a challenge that jeopardized the overall impact of the technology. During the past couple of years, NFI was faced with a need to upgrade its existing technology systems as well as adding new solutions. Before embarking on this challenge, NFI knew it had to find a solution for deployment that would ensure the investment was both successful and worthwhile.


NFI turned to Velociti Inc., the leading technology deployment experts. Velociti’s experience working with large fleets, smaller owner operators and OEM facilities, combined with its team of full-time technicians, expertly trained on installing various technologies, made them a natural choice for NFI’s unique needs.

In 2009, Velociti began upgrading Qualcomm In-Cab Communication Systems and installing Qualcomm Trailer Tracking devices on more than 800 units in NFI’s fleet over a 9-month period. The project spanned dozens of locations across the United States and Velociti assigned multiple full-time mobile technicians as well as a dedicated project manager to oversee every facet of the project. During this time, Velociti also mobilized technicians to perform Qualcomm upgrades for several of NFI’s dedicated clients, which span the food and beverage, retail, and apparel industries. Velociti also coordinated directly with the International OEM Facility to discuss the as-built schedules, build dates and inventory to capture 225 new tractors for installations before they were put into service by NFI.

In 2010, NFI selected to have the Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I.™ installed on its trailers. Velociti provided onsite installation at NFI locations as well as mobile installations at customer yards for 423 systems in 22 weeks. The roll-out for the next round of approximately 800 additional trailers began in the Fall of 2011.


Velociti’s ability to quickly mobilize its full-time mobile technicians, scale from small to large projects, prioritize important dedicated accounts, and coordinate the deployment of several different technologies was paramount to the success of these projects.

Velociti’s guaranteed productivity, which was based on a rigorous method of analyzing the scope and schedule builds, assured NFI its projects would be done on time and on budget. With Velociti’s “DataMining” real-time status reports, NFI was able to update serial numbers in its system as soon as installations were completed. This allowed NFI to keep close track of the vehicles and Velociti’s progress.

Sidney Brown, CEO of NFI said, “Technology adoption is key to our success and efficient implementation of on-board systems has always been a challenge. Velociti’s ability to handle a wide variety of projects with the speed and precision they promised has been truly remarkable.”

“NFI is an industry leader and we’ve enjoyed working with them during the past several years,” said Deryk Powell, COO of Velociti. “And we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with them.”