Velociti Deploys WLAN Solution to Support BYOD Environment for Rockhurst High School

Customer:   Rockhurst High School
Download Case Study Industry:     Education
Scope of Work: Site Survey, fiber data cabling, 101 Aruba Access Points installed, tested and rated.
Timeframe:  5 months

Rockhurst High School serves the greater Kansas City area by educating Ignatian leaders, MEN FOR OTHERS, in the Roman Catholic, Jesuit college preparatory tradition. In the spirit of Saint Ignatius Loyola, its goal is the formation of the whole person within a diverse and disciplined environment, as one who is open to growth, strives for academic excellence, is religious, loving and committed to justice through service. For more information, visit


As part of its effort to continuously modernize the delivery of an outstanding educational experience, Rockhurst High School decided to step away from the use of traditional text books by distributing iPads to 200 faculty members in fall 2012 and to the 1,100 pupils that comprise the student body in early 2013. However, Rockhurst needed a WLAN solution that could support a true Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment, and it needed to be in place before the school year began. If not properly implemented, the influx of devices could dramatically slow down the network, causing lost productivity and a great deal of frustration for students and teachers trying to use the network.


Rockhurst turned to Velociti Inc, a leading technology deployment company, because of its comprehensive background deploying WLAN solutions in a wide range of environments.  Velociti’s understanding of the demands a true BYOD environment brings to educational facilities, including the density and variety of devices, and the role the physical layout of the facility plays, was key to deploying a successful solution.

Velociti began with an assessment of the specific needs and challenges unique to the layout of Rockhurst’s facility by conducting a comprehensive site survey to address the RF Requirements and look for potential pitfalls, such as gaps in coverage between classrooms or potential density issues with higher volume common areas. Once analyzed, the network plan was designed and Velociti’s skilled technicians pulled data cables, installed new fiber lines, IDF and MDF cabinets and deployed 101 APs needed to support the traffic.  Once fully implemented, the system was tested and rated to ensure maximum performance.


Velociti’s project management team was able to design a schedule that worked around Rockhurst’s needs to ensure minimal disruptions during summer classes and to ensure project completion by the start of the school year.  By performing all aspects of the project, from the survey and design, to the scheduling, installation, testing and rating, Velociti was also able to keep onsite personnel consistent and to a minimum; thus, ensuring less disruption.

“Having a single point of contact, responsible for every aspect of the project was a huge benefit for the school,” said Kevin Campbell, Director of Information Services for Rockhurst High school. “Their guidance and expertise was terrific throughout the entire process and there wasn’t an issue they could not address for us during the planning and installation phases.  We are truly pleased with the end result.”

“We were very excited to be involved with this project,” said Deryk Powell, President of Velociti. “Rockhurst’s desire to plan for true data traffic in a complete BYOD environment, while challenging, showed a lot of forward thinking.  Our progressive approach made it a perfect opportunity for us to get involved with.”

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