Networking Services

[tab:Overview]Technology continues to revolutionize the way we do business. Ubiquitous connectivity has created a global workspace and Velociti has been at the forefront of deploying a wide range of technologies for businesses throughout the world. Our dedicated and highly trained staff can implement the solutions you need to keep your business moving forward.

[tab:Products]As technology evolves, so does Velociti. Our technicians receive continuing education on all emerging technologies. This ensures we understand not only the technology itself, but how it can benefit you.

A partial list of the products we deploy includes:

  • Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Video Conferencing  Systems
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Forklift Mount Terminals
  • Digital Signage
  • Handheld Computers
  • Mobile Devices
  • RFID Technologies
  • Networking Hardware
  • Self Service Kiosks
  • Audio / Video solutions

[tab:Services]Velociti provides a multitude of services designed to cover all aspects of your technology deployment from start to finish.  Our customized approach offers the flexibility and the scalability to suit your unique project.

A partial list of the services we offer includes: [Click any for more information]

  • Formal Deployment Programs within technology provider’s organizations are often underestimated in the critical role they play in the success of any technology product investment. Velociti excels at helping technology providers achieve a paradigm shift, from viewing deployment in a neutral or reactive position to understanding that a proactive stance on deployment greatly increases the likelihood of success for any technology deployment project. We work closely with our partners in developing, implementing and managing comprehensive Deployment Programs.
  • Technology deployment projects live or die based on the quality of the Project Management team. For this reason, Velociti made a commitment from Day 1 that we would establish a best-in-class Project Management Office. Every Velociti Project Manager has earned the position as a result of first delivering exemplary performance as a Mobile Technician for Velociti, before moving into Project Management. We recognize that there is simply no substitute for real-world experience in the field when it comes to effectively managing projects. Whether a company is deploying a brand new product for the first time or deploying it’s next 100,000, we are ready to help.
  • Networking technology, specifically wireless solutions, have become ever-present in businesses of every kind. Virtually any company, at any given time, is considering an investment in new technology or an update of existing technology. The continual volume of this activity has created an environment in which there is no shortage of companies claiming to have the expertise to “install” technology. However, being able to physically install a system is very different than being able to fully implement it. That is, to make it work properly once it is installed. Velociti understands this critical difference and provides the full solution to its clients every day.  The fact is, although wireless technology has become more common, there are still core skills and certifications required to properly implement technology.Technology, in many cases, has also become significantly more complicated due to increased functionality and interaction with other business systems. For this reason, we invest heavily in staying on the cutting-edge of technology as it evolves, allowing us to effectively perform deployment projects as advancements are made.  Investments in technology products are made with the intent to achieve a return on the investment. Velociti not only understands this, but takes this into consideration in every aspect of planning and executing projects. Our goal is to deploy technology in a manner that maximizes the client’s ROI. Often times we accomplish this as a result of completing projects in a fraction of the time that it would take a fleet to do it with internal resources.Velociti has implemented thousands of networking and wireless solutions across the world, in every environment imaginable. From single wireless access point installs in small retail stores, to several hundred wireless access point deployments in campus settings with outdoor coverage and wireless bridges, we have been there.  In any commercial environment, we install and implement a wide variety of technology products using our proven methods for deployment.
  • The investment in a powerful technology solution must be maintained, just like any other asset critical to a business. Velociti offers a variety of flexible options to consider for maintaining the performance of technology systems, from 24/7 call-center support to expedited on-site service with guaranteed response times.
  • Getting ultimate performance from your technology investment starts with properly defining your requirements. Velociti performs on premise Site Surveys as well as remote Site Surveys utilizing the most advanced tools in the industry. In addition, Velociti has set the industry standard for Site Survey reports, offering the most complete and accurate reports available anywhere.
  • Velociti is unique in its ability to provide Mobile Technicians who are certified to perform structured cabling installation in addition to hardware component installation. With Velociti, the need to hire one company to pull data cabling and another to install and configure devices is eliminated, saving the client time and money. From Ethernet to Fiber, we are ready to help.
  • As a value-added component of a deployment offering, Velociti also provides complete inventory management for many clients and projects. This includes accepting component shipments from various providers, staging and configuration, repackaging per deployment schedule requirements and shipping, for Velociti installation. All inventory management data is visible to clients 24/7 on our DataMining Project Management website.
  • Velociti has earned a reputation for providing cost effective, flexible and transparent staging and configuration services for its clients. From handheld computers to fleet communication systems, we handle it all, processing thousands of devices every month through our centrally-located Kansas City staging center. All staging/configuration data is visible to clients 24/7 on our DataMining Project Management website.
  • A successful installation of any technology product is directly linked to a commitment to define and document every aspect of the installation in advance. Velociti has extensive experience developing this level of detailed documentation for a variety of products and clients.
  • It is critical that key managers and users of technology receive timely, comprehensive training in order to appreciate and benefit from the advantages a technology solution offers. Velociti’s Mobile Technicians, Technical Support and Quality Control teams are experienced and comfortable providing user training as a component of a technology deployment project, ensuring clients will immediately establish user acceptance and understanding.
  • Proper, safe installation of technology products often requires customized components. From mounting brackets to integrated cabling assemblies, Velociti has the technical expertise and resources to design and produce custom solutions.
  • Available to Velociti’s Business Partners, Clients, Mobile Technicians and Xpress Partners is a Technical Support Call Center, uniquely trained to provide advice and recommendations.

[tab:Markets Served]Broad Market Coverage

Our experience and expertise translates effortlessly into a wide spectrum of diverse markets, including transportation, retail, distribution, manufacturing, education, healthcare, government, municipalities, hospitality, public venues and more.

Geographic Reach

While Velociti performs a large portion of its projects in North America, it routinely performs projects around the world and has the capability to serve customers anywhere.  Projects have been performed from Ireland to Malta to Trinidad and beyond.

[tab:Case Studies]

Auburn University upgrades Jordan-Hare Stadium with high-density Wi-Fi to provide ultimate fan experience
Customer: Auburn University Industry: Large Public Venue Scope of Work: High Density Survey, 626 Access Points, conduit, cable tray and New Fiber optic cabling and climate-control IDF cabinets Timeframe: 8 Weeks Jordan-Hare Stadium, the nation’s 10th-largest on-campus stadium, with a capacity of 87,451, has served as home of the Auburn Tigers since 1939. On football Saturdays in Auburn, Jordan-Hare ...

Case Study: Velociti Deploys WLAN Solution for Pharmaceutical Company
Customer:   Data Systems International /Pharmaceutical Company Industry:     Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Scope of Work: Motorola Symbol Access points: AP 100s, AP300s and Cisco 1260 Series Access Points. Number of Units: 500+ imeframe: On-Going As the pioneer in enterprise mobility, DSI equips companies around the globe to move beyond just implementing mobile apps — to being mobile enterprises. DSI Mobile Enterprise Management enables ...

Case Study: Velociti Deploys WLAN Solution to Support BYOD Environment for Rockhurst High School
Customer:   Rockhurst High School Industry:     Education Scope of Work: Site Survey, fiber data cabling, 101 Aruba Access Points installed, tested and rated. Timeframe:  5 months

Case Study: Advance Auto Parts turns to Velociti to install improved business process technology
Customer: Advance Auto Parts Industry: Retail Scope of Work: Upgrade RF  & Computer Equipment Number of Sites: 2,600 Timeframe: 90 days

Case Study: Velociti Provides Fleet & Facility Deployment Solution for Old Dominion Freight Line
Customer: Old Dominion Freight Line Industry: Transportation and Logistics Scope of Work:  PeopleNet On-Board Communication Systems and Cisco Access Points Number of Units: 4,000+ Tractors Number of Sites: 208 Locations Time frame: 9 months

Case Study: XTRA Lease selects Velociti to install mobility solutions
Customer:XTRA Lease Industry: Transportation & Logistics Scope of Work: WLAN Number of Sites:97 Timeframe: 10 Months

Case Study: Velociti and Axcess International Provide Security Solution for Port of Barbados
Customer: Axcess International Industry: Security Scope of Work: RFID/WLAN/WMD Sensors Timeframe: 60 days