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Become An Xpress Partner

Are you looking for a way to earn more revenue and supplement your current workload? If so, becoming a Velociti Xpress Service Network Member is the ideal solution for your business. Xpress Service Providers join Velociti as a critical partner in the industry’s best technology services network.

That’s why we created Velociti Xpress. Together we offer an unrivaled solution in the marketplace by leveraging our combined strength and experience. Our nationwide network of both drive-thru and mobile installation locations allows us to offer economic pricing, flexible scheduling and the capability to scale from small, local businesses to large, nationwide roll-outs. We’ve incorporated many of the characteristics into Velociti Xpress that have allowed Velociti to be recognized as the leading provider of transportation technology services:

• Professional Communication
• Timely Scheduling
• Quality Installations
• Competitive Pricing
• Project Management

Business owners and technology providers can leverage Velociti Xpress as a service partner with proven expertise managing technology deployments, which is the key to ensure customers achieve or exceed target ROI. What sets Velociti Xpress apart?

• Global American Coverage
• Formal Training Commitment
• Guaranteed Productivity
• Standardized Data Collection
• Training and Certification
• Experience
• Nationwide Warranty Coverage
• Rapid Deployment

What will your company gain from becoming a Velociti Xpress Service Network Member?

A lot! By working with us, your company stands to earn incremental revenue from performing service under our nationwide contracts. We provide extensive product training and technical support to ensure total confidence while providing consistent, high-quality service to our customers.

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