Become a Velociti Xpress Partner

Would you like to grow your business?

If so, becoming a Velociti Xpress Partner may be the right solution for your business. Xpress Partners join Velociti as a critical partner in providing quality technology installations and repairs. As an extension of Velociti, our partners adhere to the same rigorous standards as our full-time mobile employees.  Velociti provides constant support from our team of project managers and schedulers. Together we offer an unrivaled solution in the marketplace by leveraging our combined strength and experience.

Business owners and technology providers can leverage Velociti Xpress as a service partner with proven expertise managing technology deployments, which is the key to ensuring customers achieve or exceed target ROI.

But don’t just take our word for it… Read what some of our partners have to say:

The entire Velociti team works with all Xpress Partners as a true team

For over the past seven years, our Company has been a proud Velociti Xpress Partner. The program has been instrumental to our Company’s sustained growth during this period. Velociti plays a key role by securing first-rate projects with Fortune 500 companies. In addition, the entire Velociti team works with all Xpress Partners as a true team, hand-in-hand, on a daily basis to provide essential support to ensure that every project is a success. Through this partnership, our Company has steadily increased its revenue year over year and, most importantly, has provided stability in forecasting future work flow – key for any small business. Our Company is extremely proud and grateful to be an Xpress Partner.

My tech staff has grown from 1 tech to 25 techs today

I’ve been a Velociti Xpress Partner for over 5 years and my company has benefited tremendously. Through the partnership, my company has seen about a 30% yearly revenue increase and my tech staff has grown from 1 tech to 25 techs today. From the beginning, it has been very easy to work and communicate with Velociti as compared to other companies. Over the years, I have been able to build great working relationships with Velociti staff from people in the main office to the QC tech in the field. Everyone has been very helpful and professional, which is why my company’s partnership with Velociti is my highest priority.

For the past 8 years our company has substantially increased business

For the past 8 years our company has substantially increased business year after year, with Velociti. Working with a focused, driven, and honest company that has fulfilled their promises is a pleasure. I cannot name one company that we work with, that has the same patient employees, and excellent management structure for the last 8 years. In the world of Automotive Electrical up-fitting, the deployment of professional technicians is just as important as proper installation. Velociti has mastered this concept, with knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness, seldom seen in business these days.

Velociti has helped our business grow

As a new and developing company, becoming an Xpress Partner with Velociti has been a very rewarding experience. I started this company 5 years ago and became an Xpress Partner a little over 2 years ago.  Velociti has helped our business grow through increased revenue, maintaining and providing continued opportunities for my techs, supplying skilled and efficient support with the most current technologies, accessible tech support and team members that go above and beyond to help get a job done.   I have always heard that your first 5 years in business are critical and most new businesses fail in that time span.  I feel my partnership with Velociti has been key in not just surviving my first five years but having a measured level of growth and success.

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