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  • An Apple a Day: How to Keep Your Fleet Healthy on a “Hi-Tech” Diet.

    DerykOn-board technology, from telematics, to video, to collision avoidance and beyond, plays a critical role in the transportation industry. The benefits of proactive adoption are clear, not to mention the requirements to adopt in order to meet federal mandates. And, when properly maintained, these technologies provide transformative cost and efficiency benefits.

    However, initial deployment and on-going maintenance can carry significant financial, system and human resource costs. Systems not only need to be installed quickly and correctly to streamline operational adoption and maximize ROI, they must be maintained to ensure those benefits don’t diminish over time. Continue reading →

  • Employee Spotlight: Kevin Joy

    Kevin Joy Bio PhotoVelociti is proud to have been in business for over 20 years… and equally proud to have many employees who have been with the company just as long.

    Velociti was created to address the growing need for wide-area wireless technology in the transportation market. In 1994, Kevin Joy was hired as one of Velociti’s first Mobile Technicians, working primarily on Qualcomm installations.

    “I had an installation guide produced by Qualcomm, which I would take from job to job,” said Kevin. “As I worked with the different trucks on the market, I would make notes on best practices. One day a representative from Qualcomm asked to look over my notes. Next thing I knew we were helping them create new install guides.” Continue reading →

  • What Are You Overlooking When Evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership for your Technology Solution?

    DerykMost fleet owners spend a great deal of time evaluating and calculating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a fleet vehicle, however, one area that may be easy to overlook is the maintenance of technology products installed on the vehicle.  Ancillary technology products, whether included as part of an OEM build specification, or added in the aftermarket, have become increasingly common.  Examples of products may include GPS tracking systems, in-cab tablets/printers/scanners for workflow management, video monitoring systems, driver behavior systems, collision warning systems, lane departure systems, tire inflation or monitoring systems, light bars, solar panels and more are added to that list every day.

    Continue reading →

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