Post Installation Service

Post Installation Services

The investment in a powerful technology solution must be maintained, just like any other asset critical to a business.

That’s why Velociti’s role doesn’t end when the last install is complete.  Velociti is here to ensure its customers are satisfied with the installation and performance of the solution through-out its life-cycle.

Velociti understands the impact downtime and delays have on your business, that’s why we offer a variety of flexible options to consider for maintaining the performance of your installed technology systems, from 24/7 call-center support to expedited on-site service with guaranteed response times.  You choose the level of support that best meets your business needs.

From dedicated on-site support personnel. to a range of response times, Velociti’s wide-spread network of highly trained local and mobile technicians provide rapid, quality post installation support that will keep your fleet and your business running.

Supported Technology Solutions include:

In-Cab Communications, Fleet Tracking, Refrigeration Monitoring, Trailer Tracking, Auto Tire Inflation/Monitoring, Automatic Scale Systems, Collision Avoidance, Obstacle Detection, Video Monitoring, Driver Behavior Systems, Trailer Skirts,  Auxiliary Power Units,  Fuel Management Systems,  Stability Control Systems


Mechanic in garage with semi-truck

Velociti’s technicians provide a wide knowledge base for troublshooting whichever technologies you have installed, allowing your workforce to focus on the daily maintenance. Together we ensure a healthy fleet with minimal downtime.