Digital Signage

[tab:Overview]Digital signage has emerged as a highly-effective method for businesses to communicate.  Whether the objective is to increase revenue with customer-facing messages or share information with employee-facing screens, one thing is clear; the key to successfully reaching that goal is through rapid, quality deployment of your digital signage technology solution.

Velociti has a unique business model that allows for seamless large-scale global deployments of digital signage.  Velociti’s dedicated project management team is experienced in bringing concepts to reality with services performed by certified full-time technicians and our own network of local Velociti Xpress technicians located throughout the world.

Our experts will meticulously plan the deployment of your kiosk, digital signage, point of sale system, or additional networked devices. We will connect your equipment to the newly installed or existing network infrastructure and work with you through the full testing and configuration of your system.

Whether you need a full nationwide system rollout, a regional multi-site service or single-location installation, we can help you through the entire process.


[tab:Digital Signage Services] Velociti offers complete Digital Signage installation solutions. Our full-time, expertly-trained Project Managers and Mobile Technicians are dedicated to providing stellar service. With Velociti, you can be sure that you will always receive quality, comprehensive support from our knowledgeable and professional staff.

A partial list of the services we offer includes:

  • Project Management, including planning and scheduling of installations
  • Site Survey
  • Digital display and mount installations
  • Network and video cabling installations
  • Network hardware and software configuration
  • Installation and testing of digital signage hardware and software
  • Internet connection set up
  • Training

[tab:POS & Kiosk Installations]Kiosks and POS devices are constantly evolving… And as these technologies evolve, so do we. Our technicians receive continuing education on all emerging technologies. This ensures we understand not only the technology itself, but how it can benefit you.

A partial list of the services we offer includes:

  • Site Survey
  • Voice and Data Cabling
  • Equipment Staging & Installation
[tab:Post Installation Services]

System Maintenance & Repair: Our System Maintenance and repair services include equipment testing, diagnostics, repair, hardware replacements and swap outs, and system reconfiguration.

Equipment Moves and Add-ons: We can assist you with adding additional kiosks to your network or moving your system from one location to the next.


Cable Installation

We will review your site and identify all of the necessary components to get your equipment properly installed and connected to an efficient network.

Our network cabling services include:

  • Site Survey
  • Network Planning
  • Network Cabling
  • Network Configuration
  • Dmarc Extensions
  • Modem and Hub Installation
  • Phone Line and Jack Installations
  • Network Installation
  • 66 and 110 Block Installation
  • Patch Panel Installs
  • Routers & Switches Installations

Cabling Repair, Replacement & Add-Ons

System Diagnostics & Repair: Lost your connectivity? We will test your cabling and networked devices and repair/replace bad network cables and

Cable Re-Routing and Add-ons: We can assist you through full network expansion to add new equipment and reroute existing wiring to facilitate equipment moves and restaging.

[tab:Markets Served]Broad Market Coverage

Our experience and expertise translates effortlessly into a wide spectrum of diverse markets, including Retail, Healthcare, Transportation, Quick Serve Restaurants, Education, Offices/Conference Rooms, Public Venues, Indoor/Outdoor Advertising and more.

Geographic Reach

While Velociti performs a large portion of its projects in North America, it routinely performs projects around the world and has the capability to serve customers anywhere.  Projects have been performed from Ireland to Malta to Trinidad and beyond.