Deployment as a Service

On-board Technology plays an important role in the transportation industry, offering significant benefits to transportation providers and their clients. In addition to these benefits, Federal initiatives, such as the FMCSA’s pending ELD mandate, will dramatically increase industry adoption of on-board technology in the years ahead.

However fleets often fail to consider beyond the acquisition cost for hardware, software and subscriptions. The initial deployment and on-going maintenance is resource intensive from financial, system and human resource perspectives. These costs can be challenging when trying to establish a predictable budget and therefore have a significant impact on the fleet’s Return on Investment.

Velociti has a proven ability to decrease cost, shorten timeframes and improve ROI for fleets investing in on-board technology. With our new Deployment as as Service model, the deployment costs, maintenance and resource requirements are now predictable and can be appropriately budgeted.Velociti is pleased to offer this enhanced model, providing fleets with a turn-key solution on a flat monthly subscription for on-board technology deployment and management, which includes:

  • Program Management
  • Project Management with Velogic
  • Hardware Installation
  • Post Installation Service
  • Fleet Surveys
  • Inventory Management/RMA Processing/Shipping
  • Hardware Staging/Configuration
  • Install Design/Documentation
  • User Training
  • Accessory Hardware Design/Production
  • Call Center/Tech Support
  • Services are available 24/7.
  • Installs and on-site repair services include guaranteed completion timeframes.
  • Warranty coverage is extended to match the term of the overall Service Agreement.